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Development and Validation of AI-driven Monitoring of Intentional Medication Non-adherence in Clinical Trials


In this poster you will learn: 

  • Intentional non-adherence through false reporting is a component of overall medication non-adherence in clinical trials.
  • Remote visual monitoring of medication adherence has previously allowed for tracking of adherence. However, it is unclear if such methods can detect intentional mock ingestion of medication and tag such events as non-adherence.
  • In the current study, we evaluate the accuracy of remote human visual evaluation by expert raters of adherence and evaluate the accuracy of a novel artificial intelligence (AI) based computer vision (CV) algorithm in detecting adherence and intentional non-adherence compared to expert human evaluation.
  • This is the first extensive validation of a remote AI driven adherence monitoring platform’s ability to visually monitor adherence and intentional non-adherence.