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Evaluating the potential impact of digital health technology tool use on efficacy and adherence in schizophrenia trials

  • Study medication adherence and discontinuation rates are critical aspects to endpoint efficacy data interpretation. This is a particularly critical issue in schizophrenia trials where poor adherence and high rates of discontinuation
    (25–45%) are consistently reported.
  • Previously, we presented findings showing that the use of a computer vision tool (Platform) to monitor study medication intake behaviors on a per-dose basis encouraged adherent behavior across three measurement types: pill count,
    pharmacokinetics (PK), and Platform adherence. These findings were consistent with a previous investigation where participant adherence, as measured by PK, was better when monitored than in participants without monitoring. Platform monitoring also holds the potential to identify nonadherent behaviors in need of earlier intervention.
  • We explore if technology-assisted identification of participants who are adherent to study medications can provide insights into rates of discontinuation, and differences in cognition efficacy measures for treated patients versus those
    receiving placebo.